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The Malta Innovation Summit brings together the top international and local innovators to discuss, learn and share best practices.


A gathering for top executives, educators, professionals, leaders, innovators, and CEOs who are constantly pushing innovation within their organisations.


The summit is aimed directly at accelerating the innovation movement – both internationally as well as locally in Malta. This is achieved by gathering all stakeholders and providing an inducive environment where they can share real-world experiences, ideas, trends, processes and best practices.


Attendees participate in a full day of keynotes, presentations, expert panels, workshops and networking opportunities that explore the best methods of adopting innovation in an organisation.

Rewire your brain to think and act innovatively.


Be inspired as world-renowned innovation practitioners explain real-world examples of innovation methodology.


Learn about the current disruptive technologies – Blockchain, Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence and many others.


Network with like-minded executives and learn their ways of approaching innovation in their own lives and organisations.

The 2018 Malta Innovation Summit is organised by Smart Studios together with a team of dedicated and passionate volunteers.


This conference knows its origins at NetRefer‘s offices in Msida, Malta in late 2016. NetRefer is a global leader in the provision of marketing. MIS was born out of the NetRefer team’s eagerness to learn and share innovation best practices, and to be creative in finding new ways of expressing this passion to learn and share.


The Malta Innovation Summit team aims to create a different conference environment where each attendee takes home his or her own approach to instill an innovative culture at a personal level, at an organisation level, at a local level, and also, at an international level.


While these types of conferences are usually organised by event planners and event organisational committees with no direct link to the subject matter, this one is led by volunteers who have an interest and are passionate about innovation.

“Innovation” is a word that is used and abused. Everyone wants to be innovative. Everyone claims to be innovative. Yet a lot of confusion exists on how to inspire and execute innovation effectively.


Most organisations have tried hard to be innovative. Some are happy with the results, and most others are still battling to fully or partially figure it out.


So what is the real definition of innovation? What are the best real-world examples of innovation? Are there methodologies and best practices we can adopt to be more innovative as a person, as an organisation, and as a nation?


The Malta Innovation Summit is directly aimed at answering these questions and triggering a mindset of innovation that all can benefit from.

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“There is a big need for all stakeholders, especially those in Malta, to come together in one conference hall and lay the foundations for proper sharing of best practices.”